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Daning at a Glance

TITAN KING offers a range of restaurant experiences to satisfy any desire including Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisine

  • Free 24/7 buffet at the Food Court
  • Enjoy authentic Chinese Cuisine at RED Dragon
  • Try Japanese specialties at ZEN
  • Enjoy Western cuisine at our ROMAN restaurant
  • Relax at the BLACK PIANO BAR


Our gaming hall offers a free 24-hour buffet so players can enjoy hot food and beverage at any time of day or night. Set meal times are displayed and noodles and snacks are available at any time of night or day.

Red Dragon: Imperial CHINESE Cuisine

Enjoy delicious Imperial Chinese cuisine in our Red Dragon restaurant. Our chef from Guangzhou prepares authentic dishes according to traditional recipes. Enjoy delicious dim sum, succulent pork, rich sauces, and tempting treats.

ROMAN: Western Cousine

Our Roman restaurant offers Mediterranean style cuisine. From mouth-watering grilled meats and ocean-fresh seafood to healthy salads, hearty sandwiches and decadent desserts, Roman offers a dish for every craving.


Zen restaurant offers the freshest Japanese food in ways that delight the eyes as well as the taste buds. Enjoy fresh Sushi and Sashimi made by our Khmer chef with many years experience preparing Japanese cuisine. Guests can choose to sit at the grill and enjoy watching dishes prepared, or take private rooms for groups and celebrations.


If you want a break from the excitement of the main gaming hall, or just prefer to take it easy, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our Black Piano bar.

You can enjoy free-of-charge food and drink from our buffet at any time. The bar has relaxing background music and frequently live piano, so just relax in the soothing environment, or recharge for more exciting gaming.